Inspirus Desktop

Keep your students focused on learning with Inspirus Desktop. Inspirus is a streamlined computer user interface designed specifically for students giving learners exactly what they need … and none of what they don’t.

Designed for safety, simplicity, and customizability, Inspirus makes teaching in 1:1 computing environments simple. In school, teachers can customize student desktops, restrict access to applications, and view students’ screens. At home, parents are able to manage their child’s PC use easily and quickly.

School Mode
Because students have 1-click access to all their files and programs, and no distractions from Windows updates, notifications, and unapproved applications, they get more accomplished.

Teachers can see what’s happening on student desktops, and manage their access to applications and system functionality. See Inspirus Classroom for details.

Inspirus Desktop is safer, too, because it isolates student users from operating system files … reducing the likelihood of accidental deletions of key files. Viruses and malware cannot maliciously interfere with the operating environment.

Home Mode
Student are able to extensively customize their desktops in home mode, but now parents have the ability to manage applications and permissions. See Child Safety Control for details.

Students’ PCs are still protected from viruses and malware … which protects the school network from infection when students return to school.