Inspirus Classroom

Teaching with technology can be easier than teaching without … if you have the right tools. Inspirus is your toolbox for 1:1 computing.

Inspirus Classroom gives teachers all the classroom management capability they need, including the ability to see students’ desktops, start and stop applications, communicate privately, and so on.

But core to teaching is context, and Inspirus Classroom goes beyond the reactive “what are they doing” to the proactive: creating a customized learning environment.

Physical classrooms are “customized” ... the art classroom is different than the science classroom. Unsurprisingly, teachers use different tools in different settings. That’s exactly what Inspirus Classroom enables for 1:1 computing. You decide: what apps do your students need? What privileges should they have? What wallpaper do you want to use?

And then … with a few clicks, you make it happen.

Simple, effortless, quick … and you’ve got a customized digital learning environment. How you use it is entirely up to you. For example … during a test, only the testing app is available. While students are researching … they have their web browsers, digital encyclopedias, and word processing program. At other times, you may want to allow any and all programs.

You’re in charge.

Inspirus Classroom