Creative Studio

Whether you teach students or parent kids, you probably want them to be creative … and not only with paper, scissors, and glue.

Creative Studio is a starter office suite designed for students. Word processing, spreadsheets, photo editing, slideshows, sketching: Creative Studio can do it all.

Simple and easy to use, it has all the features schools need. Creative Studio includes 5 programs:

  • Creative Words,
  • Creative Slides,
  • Creative Calc,
  • Creative Sketch and
  • Creative Paint.

Together, these allow kids to express their creativity and complete homework.

Creative Studio is a native touch application, with large buttons and simple controls. All programs are accelerometer-aware, and can be used in vertical or horizontal mode on tablets. But Creative Studio also works great with a mouse and a keyboard.

Creative Studio: the starter office suite for productivity ... and fun!

Creative Studio