Build or buy educational content … deliver formative assessment … administer summative tests … and manage student progress for a course, a grade, or their entire educational career, with the same tool.

Sounds impossible? That’s just because everyone else is building pieces of the solution.

CourseRight is a content and assessment tool for education that was built from the ground up to solve many of the challenges with educational assessments today.

Challenges like:

  • the lack of a comprehensive, integrated assessment system from year to year, level to level, and for all types of assessment
  • the fact that education data is locked in silos, making sharing, aggregation, access, and analysis hard … and too late to be useful
  • the difficulty in using most digital assessment tools to test real skills, real abilities, and deep knowledge (as opposed to recognition and recall)
  • the dissociation of curriculum and assessment
  • the inability of most tools to easily and automatically enabled mass personalization and adaptive teaching, learning, and testing

CourseRight Studio, CourseRight Student, and CourseRight Dashboard enable the acquisition and creation of curricular content … plus the ability to assess learning in innovative and powerful ways.