Imagine being able to customize your digital learning environment as easily as you customize your physical learning environment.

That’s what Inspirus enables … and more.

With Inspirus, not only are your students using streamlined, easy-to-use computers … you are able to customize their access to applications and permissions.

So … if you used a software or web-based testing tool, you could only allow access to that application when administering the test. This would ensure that students can’t cheat by looking up the answers in their digital notes, or on Wikipedia.

Or … if you wanted students to stay on task during a Geography assignment, you might only allow access to your a digital textbook, Google Earth, a calculator, and a word processing application.

The possibilities are endless … and that’s just the beginning.

With Inspirus, you can view students’ screens, shut down running processes, chat to one student privately or broadcast to all students at the same time.

It’s easy, and quick … and all real-time.

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