Technology is not known for being simple.

And as technology comes into schools, educators have many questions – not just about how to it works … but especially about how to utilize it best for educational purposes.

Inspirus is designed to make your 1:1 deployments easier and better. We help you create custom digital learning environments, and manage the PCs in students’ hands. That means the right software is accessible to the right students, and you can easily customize for different grades or groups.

We also vastly improve the safety, security, and reliability of your 1:1 deployment. The last thing you need as an administrator is for viruses to bring down your computers. Inspirus Desktop isolates students (and anything that would attack their PCs) from system files, which makes your machines safer. And by hardening your PCs and making them more resistant to attack, you make your computing platform more reliable.

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As curriculum and textbooks go digital, so does distribution. But today, how do you ensure that every student has the right textbooks, the right software … the right access?

JumboFox simplifies digital distribution for you by allowing you to send digital copies of software and textbooks to individual student PCs in a simple, drag-and-drop, rights-managed environment.

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Assessment should inform future instruction … but often it fails to accomplish this because the data is not digital, not accessible, not simple, and not timely.

CourseRight solves these issues by integrating formative and summative assessment in one tool, and providing a simple dashboard for teachers and administrators that provides easy-to-understand and actionable data.

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